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tar_output_filter_gzip Class Reference

#include <gzip.h>

Inheritance diagram for tar_output_filter_gzip:

tar_output_filter tar_output

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The tar_output_filter_gzip class is used to represent an output stream which compresses (via gzip) the contents of file data.

By compressing file data, rather than the whole archive, when tape blocks go bad, you can still get at the file data for later files. If you compress the whole archive, you lose all files after the bad block.

Definition at line 40 of file gzip.h.

Public Member Functions

void fatal (char *fmt,...) const ATTR_PRINTF(2
const char * filename () const
void void nfatal (char *,...) const ATTR_PRINTF(2
virtual void set_block_size (long nbytes)
 tar_output_filter_gzip (tar_output *)
void write_archive_begin ()
void write_archive_end ()
void write_data (const void *, int)
void write_data_padding ()
void write_header (const tar_header &)
void write_header_padding ()
virtual ~tar_output_filter_gzip ()

Private Member Functions

void drop_dead (int err)
tar_output_filter_gzipoperator= (const tar_output_filter_gzip &)
 tar_output_filter_gzip (const tar_output_filter_gzip &)
 tar_output_filter_gzip ()

Private Attributes

uLong crc
tar_header hdr
Byte * outbuf
bool pass_through
z_stream stream
rcstring temp_filename
void * temp_fp

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